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Covid Protocols Effective 5-17-21

1.   No masks will be required for any activity at Friendship to include worship, Sunday school classes, youth and other activities where people gather at Friendship to use it’s facilities.

2.   The removal of social distancing plaques and blue tape in the pews and to allow people to sit with whomever they wish to sit with without the social distancing guidelines.

3.   That elements of worship will begin to be modified by the pastor taking recommendations from the music director, pianist, choir, and worship chair. That aspects of worship involving singing, children’s moment and the receiving of communion will be modified slower as we live back into our environment.

4.   That Sunday school teachers be approached about resuming their classes as teachers and participants feel comfortable doing so.

5.   That masks, hand sanitizer, and the sanitization of the facilities continue at least through the Summer as we track the continued progress of infection declining. That at a later date this guideline will be reviewed again by the Council for further modification.

That upon approval by Council, these guidelines will be published in the newsletter for at least 3 weeks and uploaded to the website to be the guidance for those inquiring about Friendship’s Covid policy.

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